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Keep record of vital information for each of your AED units and trained responders with our AED Program Management tool, AEDSafetrack, which is included as part of our Program Management Packages. Each package includes different options in regards to medical oversight and on-site physical maintenance of your AED. Each package can then be paired with our training options. As an authorized AED distributor and American Heart Association training facility, Cardiac Life understands the burden of compliance with the law.

Cardiac Life offers the following program management packages to suit your needs. If you are outside of New York State, please contact us.

  • Choice
    Starting at $198/yr.
  • Prime
    Starting at $289/yr.
  • Select
    Starting at $387/yr.

We also offer CPR/AED Training. Click Here for more information.

  1. AED Tracking

    AED Tracking

    This web-based AED tracking tool provides secure access and automated notifications, simplifies AED Program Management and ensures compliance for organizations of all sizes. With AEDSafetrack, the information that you need to keep track of your AED is always at your fingertips.

     User Friendly, Flexible & Intuitive

     Reduces Liability & Mitigates Risk

     Unlimited/Secure User Access

     Consistent Record Keeping

     Supports Program Compliance

  2. Medical Direction

    Medical Direction

    Cardiac Life medical direction is based on AED laws. According to federal regulations, AEDs are classified as Class III medical devices and are restricted for sale to or on the order of a licensed physician. Utilization of an AED therefore requires medical oversight.

     Emergency Health Care Provider

     Completion of Required Documents

     Local Emergency Personnel Notification

     Emergency Response Development

     AED Protocol

  3. Maintenance


    On-site physical and system inspection of your AED(s) at a scheduled date/time on an annual basis. AED inspection includes expired battery and electrode replacement, manufacturer software upgrades and updating of rescue ready kits, cabinetry and signage.

     Site Assessment

     AED Inspection

     Comprehensive Reports Provided

     Trade In/Recycle Programs

     AEDSafetrack Updates Performed

  4. Training


    Cardiac Life is an American Heart Association certified training center. We offer a combination of blended and traditional classes to suit your company or community needs. We’ll come to your location, or hold your classes at a local training center. Our Program Management Tool also allows you to keep track of certifications to avoid CPR/AED certification expiration.


     Trained responder certification status tracking

     Simple class registration

     CPR/AED Online Courses

     CPR/AED Traditional Courses