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I manage multiple sites with hundreds of AEDs. Do I have to upload that information myself?

We will help you get started by putting each of your AEDs into AEDSafetrack™ for you when you provide the information.

Do I have to sift through AEDSafetrack™ to figure out what is expired and when I need inspections?

We do the analysis for you. The dashboard displays an overview of AED inspections, expiring accessory information and trained responder certification information. AEDSafetrack™ will send you automated notifications to alert you when your accessories are expiring.

How will I know if I’m purchasing the correct replacement accessory for my AED?

New accessories can be purchased from your battery and electrode report. The report links to our website where the needed accessories will already be in your cart.

I have AEDs at many sites with different site coordinators. How does AEDSafetrack™ keep that information organized?

There are different levels of access. The AED program coordinator can view information on all the AEDs while granting access to the correct individual site coordinators. Each user will see only the information pertaining to the AEDs at a specific location(s).

Will I get reminders to inspect my AED units?

AEDSafetrack™ will send you a monthly email notification to inspect your units. If you need directions on how to inspect the unit, there are manuals in the resources section.

My organization has many trained responders. How can I easily keep track of the responder information?

AEDSafetrack™ allows you to easily maintain trained responder information. View responders by location or certification status. As an authorized American Heart Association training facility, we can also provide training classes for your organization.